Affirmation: I am grateful for my strong immune system!


  • Clove, Ravintsara, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary and Eucalyptus Radiata have been used for centuries to activate and support well-being.

  • Powerful fusion offers these benefits: enhanced immune system response and support of the respiratory system.
  • Great for seasonal immunity and safe enough for daily use.
  • Infused with Reiki and the violet protections of St. Germaine and Archangel Zadkiel.
  • Also available in roll on.

After activating with your affirmation, spray your aura or sacred space. Avoid contact with eyes or mouth.

Shake gently before each use to reactivate and disperse molecules.


All components are etherically cleared prior to the hand crafting process:
- 2oz glass spray bottle
- Clove, Ravintsara, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary and Eucalyptus Radiata
- Herkimer "Diamond" Quartz Crystal – Light Encoded for your Highest Intention
- Infused with the violet protections of St. Germaine and Archangel Zadkiel
- Infused with Reiki Energies by two Reiki Masters
- Amplified with pyramid frequencies
- Handcrafted with Love, high vibrations and positive intentions

** Spray and roller bottle cap colors may vary based on supplier availability.


  • Known as the “Light Stone”, it possesses the full Light Spectrum.
  • Ancestors sparked Sacred Fires by placing transparent quartz crystals on top of wood chips in the sunlight.
  • A potent catalyst, clear quartz offers healing and clearing qualities, as well as piezoelectric and pyroelectric qualities.
  • It receives and transmits information…used in computer memory chips, watches, cell phones and in electronic and radio devices.
  • The hexagonal shape of quartz crystal points allows them to be easily programmed (encoded) with beneficial intentions or energies. After the crystal is activated with a specific intentional frequency, it amplifies and broadcasts that frequency (like a radio transmitter).

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    1 review for IMMUNE Spray

    1. Barbara

      Kelly! Love you girl – thanks for sharing your experience with this creation. We healers have to stay well to serve others. I’ll keep you posted on the next blend 🙂

    2. Kelly – Sedona, AZ

      As a massage therapist, I’m in close contact with many people each day. I keep myself healthy and use this spray on my linens (and countertops). It smells like cloves and cinnamon – super yummy for winter weather.

      I know Barb personally for over 10 years and she’s always coming up with new blends – so fun to be on her “test subject” team!

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