Affirmation: I am enough.


This blend promotes a sense of inner harmony and balance, allowing our self-worth to emerge. By easing the sensation of stress or inner turmoil, it enhances our mood and offers more balance. As we experience less constriction – physically, emotionally, spiritually and/or energetically, we can feel more flow and grace as our inner state is reflected into our external environment. We feel more in charge or our life and gain confidence and self-esteem. Some patterns have been with us since childhood, so be gentle with yourself as you play with this blend. Patience is key…

After activating with your affirmation, apply to your wrists, soles of feet or temples as desired. Shake gently before each use to reactivate.


All components are etherically cleared prior to blending:
- 10mL glass rollerball container
- Black spruce, ylang ylang, balsam, and cedarwood immersed in fractionated coconut oil
- Clear Quartz Crystal – Light Encoded for your Highest Intention
- Amplified with pyramid frequencies
- Handcrafted with Love, high vibrations and intention

Why do we use Clear Quartz Crystal? The Answer is Crystal Clear!

Historically, clear quartz was known as the “Light Stone” as it possesses the full Light Spectrum. Ancestors used it to spark Sacred Fires in gratitude to the gods by placing the transparent quartz crystals on top of wood chips in the sunlight. A potent catalyst, clear quartz possesses quintessential healing and clearing qualities, as well as piezoelectric and pyroelectric qualities. It’s capable of receiving and transmitting information, and is found in computer memory chips, watches, cell phones and in the circuitry of electronic and radio devices.

The hexagonal shape of quartz crystal points allows them to be easily programmed (encoded) with beneficial intentions or energies. Once the crystal is activated with a specific intentional frequency, it amplifies and broadcasts that frequency (much like a radio transmitter).
Bridging ancient wisdom with progressive innovation, we co-created an energetic template for you…your new reality awaits…

How to Activate your Treasure

– the secret is encoded in each Crystal – you access it with your unique frequency/intention!

• Find a quiet space and take a few slow, deep breaths while you focus on your heart
• Hold Bottle in Left Palm (this pulls in the Light Codes)
• Place Right Palm over Left Palm (cradles bottle and downloads your Signature Frequency to the crystal)
• Hold bottle between both hands in front of your HEART, as you SPEAK your affirmation (vibrationally activates and encodes the bottle with your intention)
• Apply to wrists, soles of feet or energy centers/chakras – (infuses your body with the Highest Intention)

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