Affirmation Suggestion:
I am fully aligned with my sacred heart. 

Cosmic Heart Activation


Our most potent alchemy – designed to elevate the heart’s potential and ignite transformational energies. This powerful blend comprises Vanilla, Bergamot, Orange, Blue Cypress, Cedarwood, Geranium, Lavender, Tangerine, Jasmine, Rose, and White Lotus essential oils infused in organic coconut and almond oils. Accompanied by a Herkimer ‘diamond’ quartz crystal, 24 karat gold flakes, Sedona red rocks, and infused with boundless love, all elegantly packaged in a 5ml roll-on bottle within a sleek black gift box.


  • Heart Healing and Manifestation: Amplifies heart healing, facilitating the expansion and realization of heartfelt desires.
  • Lightworker Activation and Support: Empowers the awakening and support of Light Workers, Light Warriors and Starseeds, nurturing their cosmic connection and purposeful journey.
  • Emotional Resonance and Harmony: Fosters emotional balance, resonating with cosmic energies to bring about inner harmony and alignment.
  • Enhanced Intuition and Insight: Elevates intuitive abilities, nurturing deeper insight and connection to higher consciousness.
  • Vibrational Upliftment: Raises personal vibrations, aligning with the cosmic frequencies for enhanced energy and vibrancy.

Elixir Crystal Alchemy:

  • Herkimer “Diamond” Quartz Crystal: Light Encoded to amplify your Highest Intention.
  • Reiki Infusion: Energies from two Reiki Masters enhance its transformative power.
  • Orgonite Pyramid Frequencies: Amplify the crystal’s energy for a heightened experience.
  • Crafted with Love: Each bottle is handcrafted in resonance with high vibrations and positive intentions.

Activate the elixir with your affirmations and delicately apply it to your wrists, heart center, temples, soles of feet, or gently along your spine. As a precaution, avoid contact with your eyes or mouth.

A gentle shake before each use revives and amplifies its potency, ensuring each application embraces its full transformative power.


2 reviews for Cosmic Heart Activation

  1. Devi Ami – Malibu, CA

    This is the 3rd oil I ordered from you & it’s my favorite! The Rose & Jasmine combo is subtle yet potent.

    My hubby really likes it (and it’s sparked a little magic…if you know what I mean) 🤫 💜

  2. STAR CODE team – Barb and Nat

    BearHeart: we truly appreciate your sweet feedback and are honored to support you on your path! Abundant Blissings 🙂

  3. BearHeart ~ Glendale, AZ

    Exquisite 💗 expansion!

    I L O V E this rose-infused blend for my heart – my heart feels warmer as soon as I inhale it! It feels as though the white lotus helps to expand my third eye and crown energy centers during meditation 🙏

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