HeartMath® – bridgING Science and Spirit

HeartMath Institute developed scientifically validated techniques and technology in 1991. These resources can help reduce or avoid stress and increase inner harmony, energy levels and optimize performance. 
We’re HeartMath
Certified Trainers and Coaches who offer private and group sessions.

Inner Balance Sensor for iOS - Lightning

An innovative approach to improve wellness. Compatible with iPhone 6 Plus and newer devices.

Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor - iOS and Android devices

Take charge of how you feel! This sensor for Android and iPhone trains you to quickly replace stress with emotional balance and coherence.

HeartMath Add Heart Facilitator

Share self-regulation techniques with others. A great introduction to HeartMath’s system of training programs. Join us in creating a more heart-connected humanity.

Professional Use or Multi-User

emWave Pro is a scientifically validated heart-rate monitoring system. Facilitates learning techniques to create heart coherence and affect positive changes in the brain.  This deluxe version is great for counselors, health care professionals, and organizations.