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Pyramid energy

The “Light in the Middle” concept arose as we researched the beneficial properties of pyramids. It became Crystal Clear that a pyramid could amplify personal energies and consciousness. We soon launched on a planetary service mission.

siSTARs factoid: did you know that “pyramidal tracts” are major pathways in the human brain and central nervous system which transmit information signals? We have pyramids inside!!

Our unique alchemical component was hand-crafted by Rion De’Rouen, founder of TEAM LIGHT.

Rion utilizes Orgone Energy and Ancient Technology to create some of the Highest Frequency Light Tools on the planet! Check out his website. To support our mission, Rion customized an 8-Sided Nubian Pyramid Capstone specifically crafted for Accelerated Activation, Creativity, and Protection. It’s the only one of its kind on the planet!

The heart of this double Nubian Pyramid (yes, a pyramid within a pyramid) has a 7 inch double terminated Brazilian Vogel crystal wound in Copper Coil. The Crystal Vogel connects to a 12-sided wire wrapped Star Tetrahedron running clockwise and counterclockwise, which electrifies the properties of the Vogel Crystal. This generates a precision toroidal field, constantly elevating and cleansing the harmonic frequency of its location. On its own, we think that’s pretty cool. But wait, there’s more…

three layers of alchemical compression

made with monotonically bonded crystals, including Aqua Aura, Rose Gold, Angelic Quartz and a solid layer of Blue Azurite from Madagascar*.

When combined, these crystals create spectrums of Light not found in any other devices – a proprietary process binds 24kt Gold molecularly to the quartz. The Light is most comparable to the spectrums found in 5D while the base layer consists of Ukrainian Shungite, Titanium, Neodymium, Hematite, Lodestones, Iron Oxide, Black Tourmaline, and Titanium Dioxide for Co2 reversal… and that’s just the bottom black layer. Additional layers consist of various crushed crystals, including semi-precious emerald.

etheric nuggests

The Subtle Body – an Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy:


  • Holds spiritual truths
  • Can be used to infuse any system, energy body, mind, or soul with such spiritual truths.
  • Liquid gas – actually the “fifth element,” the spiritual energy that scientists and metaphysicians have attempted to define for millennia.
  • Through prayer and meditation, a practitioner can program ether for healing and specific purposes.


  • Can be directed, spun, fashioned or eliminated to produce almost any desired effect.
  • Electromagnetic radiation of various wavelengths.
  • “Dark” light (constitutes frequencies closer to infrared and below) is composed mainly of electrons that carry intelligence about power.
  • “Light” light (composed of frequencies near or above the ultraviolet range) consists mainly of protons which hold intelligence about love.


  • sUses spiritual truths to form and purify physical matter.
  • Imagine this truth enfolded into a star, and insert the star into the appropriate auric field, energy channel, or chakra.
  • This technique can be used to alter DNA.
  • Star also forces release of harmful patterns in the body. Use it when burning away inaccurate perceptions in any consciousness level, then stimulate correct beliefs with ether.
  • Star is made of fire and ether.