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Pyramid energy

As we explored pyramid properties, we discovered their stellar ability to enhance personal energies and expand consciousness. This realization fueled our launch into a global service initiative.

Fun fact: ‘Pyramidal tracts’ are vital pathways in the human brain and central nervous system that relay information signals. We have pyramids inside our BRAIN


Our unique pyramid was

hand-crafted by Rion De’Rouen,

TEAM LIGHT founder.

Rion utilizes Orgone Energy and Ancient Technology to create High Frequency Light Tools. Rion customized our 8-Sided Nubian Pyramid Capstone specifically for Accelerated Activation, Creativity, and Protection.
It’s the only one of its kind on the planet!
Visit his website.

The heart of our double Nubian Pyramid (yes, a pyramid inside a pyramid) is a 7-inch double-terminated Brazilian Vogel crystal wrapped in a Copper Coil and connected to a 12-sided wire-wrapped Star Tetrahedron. It spins clockwise and counterclockwise, electrifying the Vogel.

The result? A precision toroidal field that’s constantly upleveling the harmonic frequency of its space. But wait…there’s more cosmic crystal fusion!

Three layers of pure alchemical magic featuring an interstellar lineup: Aqua Aura, Rose Gold, Angelic Quartz, and the powerful vibes of Blue Azurite from Madagascar.

These crystals unleash Light spectrums that redefine the norm.
A multi-dimensional Lightshow!

The base layer? Ukrainian Shungite, Titanium, Neodymium, Hematite, Lodestones, Iron Oxide, Black Tourmaline and Titanium Dioxide team up for some serious CO2 reversal action. And let’s not forget layers of crushed crystals, including semi-precious emerald.

This crystal cocktail would make Tesla proud!