How It Works

Products and services created with you at heart.

You are the spark that unlocks the programmed intention.

All components have been selected from the highest vibrational frequency and grade available.

  1. Cleared of all geopathic stress and energetic contamination,
  2. Placed within the pyramid for amplification
  3. Crystals are cleared again of any previous programs/codes – clean slate. Light Encoded with a “proprietary program” that the 3 of us have been learning & upgrading in an “mystery school” (not sure if we should go there) apprenticeship for over two years. Programmed for your Highest Intention and Good. None of these products abrogate your or anyone else’s choice, free will or incur karma. Firewalls are installed to prevent the accumulation of negative karma.
  4. Remains dormant (untapped limitless potential) until each person (you) add their affirmation and speaks it out loud. There is no way you can program it incorrectly or do it wrong.
  5. “All Access Pass” is granted


the force behind the treasure

Products & Services

are encoded with light codes which transmit pure divine inspiration and help those who are feeling disconnected from their higher guidance, to re-align with their soul, be inspired, and recall their destiny path.

Light Encoded Essential Oils

that are amplified with pyramidized crystals – you say the secret words (affirmation) to unlock their (and your own) potential…its inner alchemy

The siSTARS have been creating

blends for years, then got inspired to amplify the vibrations to support the planetary changes. Over the past 7 years, we learned some cool ways to step into Higher Service. A lot of this is proprietary alchemical “mystery school” codes but the “consumer” is the one who truly activates the embedded Light codes with their signature HEARTPRINT frequency and affirmation.

Quintessential Essential Oils
High Vibe

During a 2015 presentation on the safety and biochemistry of essential oils, Dr. Peter Minke, PhD (Cell Biology) shared the following:

“Plants absorb Light and the Light energy gets converted into chemical energy, through the use of photosynthetic pigments” (like chlorophyll). When sunlight hits these pigments, it ejects an electron – the energy from that electron is converted into ATP and also a dinucleotide. A dinucleotide is basically a little tiny piece of DNA, and this is a way to transfer that energy of the electron.”
“There are perhaps 200 different compounds in Lavender oil. Each of these compounds have to be created by the plant – they are not just absorbed from the soil and put into the flower. This happens through a biosynthetic process, much like during photosynthesis the plant takes sunlight and turns this into the raw material. Now the plant takes that raw materials and turns it into these different compounds. It is hard-wired to do this – literally, the DNA has to be encoded with that program.

According to Cyndi Dale in her book:

The Subtle Body – an Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy:


holds spiritual truths; can be used to infuse any system, energy body, mind, or soul with such spiritual truths. Ether is liquid gas. It is actually the “fifth element,” the spiritual energy that scientists and metaphysicians have attempted to define for millennia. Through prayer and meditation, any type of practitioner can program the ether for healing and specific purposes.


Can be directed, spun, fashioned, summoned, or eliminated to produce almost any desired effect. Light is electromagnetic radiation of various wavelengths. “Dark” light, which constitutes frequencies closer to infrared and below, is composed mainly of electrons that carry intelligence about power; “Light” light, composed of frequencies near or above the ultraviolet range, is fashioned chiefly from protons that hold intelligence about love.


Uses spiritual truths to form and purify physical matter. Release negative misperceptions by formulating the truth. Imagine this truth enfolded into a star, and insert the star into the appropriate auric field, energy channel, or chakra. This technique can even be used to alter DNA. Star will also force the release of a misperception or harmful pattern in the body. Use it when burning away an inaccurate perception in any consciousness level, then stimulate correct beliefs with ether. (Star is made of fire and ether.)

pyramid energy

Pyramids have been around for millenia and can be found around the globe. Egyptologist Stephen Mehler shared that the word ‘pyramid’ is derived from the Greek words pyramis and pyramidos. “Pyramidos” translates to mean “Fire In The Middle” (pyre = fire, mid = middle). Author Gary Osborn suggests that ‘pyramid’ means “Light Measures” (pyra = fire or light, midos = measures). Over the years, the Great Pyramid in Egypt continues to draw tourists.