How It Works

You are the force that unlocks limitless potential.

We hand-select the highest vibrational frequency and grade components which are:

  • Cleared of all geopathic stress and etheric contamination,
  • Placed within our custom-built Nubian pyramid vortex for amplification (scroll down to learn about pyramid energy); then 
  • Herkimer Diamond Crystals are Light Encoded with a “proprietary process” (finetuned for over four years), and programmed for your Highest Intention.
  • The Crystal remains dormant until you speak your affirmation out loud.
  • SHAZAM – it’s activated and ready to support your journey!! 
  • NOTE: these products will not abrogate free will or incur karma. 

pyramid energy

Pyramids have been around for millenia and can be found around the globe. Egyptologist Stephen Mehler shared that the word ‘pyramid’ is derived from the Greek words pyramis and pyramidos. “Pyramidos” translates to mean “Fire In The Middle” (pyre = fire, mid = middle). Author Gary Osborn suggests that ‘pyramid’ means “Light Measures” (pyra = fire or light, midos = measures). Over the years, the Great Pyramid in Egypt continues to draw tourists.