How It Works

You are the force that unlocks limitless potential.

We meticulously select top-quality components attuned to the highest energy frequencies. Our process involves:

  1. Thoroughly clearing all etheric contaminants, environmental stresses and negative influences.
  2. Placing these components within our custom Nubian pyramid vortex for amplified energy (learn more about pyramid energy below).
  3. Herkimer Crystals undergo a refined ‘proprietary process,’ developed over four years, imbuing them with Light Codes and preparing them for your intentional activation.

The crystal then remains “dormant” until you speak your affirmation aloud. Upon activation, it stands ready to dynamically support your journey. Our products honor free will and carry no karmic implications.

pyramid energy

Pyramids have been around for millenia and can be found around the globe. Egyptologist Stephen Mehler shared that the word ‘pyramid’ is derived from the Greek words pyramis and pyramidos. “Pyramidos” translates to mean “Fire In The Middle” (pyre = fire, mid = middle). The Great Pyramid in Egypt continues to draw tourists.