Affirmation Suggestion:
I am Open to Receive Divine Blessings.

Crown (7th) Chakra: HEAL and TRANSCEND

A divine fusion of Sandalwood, Juniper, Frankincense, Spruce, and Myrrh essential oils harmoniously blended in organic almond and fractionated coconut oils. 10ml glass roller bottle.


  • Crown Chakra Activation to welcome profound messages from higher realms.
  • Emotional Liberation: Release fear, frustration, and self-doubt that hinder your life journey.
  • Alignment with Abundance: Embrace boundless joy, peace, and grace by syncing with divine energies.

Enhanced Crystal Elixir Alchemy:

  • Herkimer “Diamond” Quartz Crystal: Light Encoded to amplify your Highest Intention.
  • Reiki Infusion: Energies from two Reiki Masters enhance its transformative power.
  • Orgonite Pyramid Frequencies: Amplify the elixir’s energy for a heightened experience.
  • Crafted with Love: Each bottle is handcrafted with high vibrations and positive intentions.

Activate the elixir with your affirmation, then apply it to the top of your head, forehead, wrists, soles of feet, spine, or temples. Avoid contact with eyes or mouth.

A gentle shake before each use revitalizes the elixir, ensuring you receive its full potential.