Affirmation Suggestion:
I am surrounded by positive energies which support my Highest Good.


Celebrate the Year of the Dragon! Shield of positivity, divine firewalls, and celestial energies. This ethereal blend of Sage, Cedarwood, and Citrus essential oils crafted to offer potent protection and serenity, infused with Celestial Dragon Light Codes.


  • Protective Properties: Infused with Sage and Cedarwood, this mist creates a protective veil, warding off negative energies and fostering a shield of security.
  • Uplifting Citrus Essence: Elevates the senses and promoting positivity.
  • Archangelic Protection: Infused with the ruby red protections of Archangel Uriel and fortified with the Light Warrior frequencies of Archangel Michael.
  • Spiritual Serenity: Creates an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility, promoting a sense of balance and spiritual harmony.
  • Celestial Dragon Light Codes: Offer heightened spiritual resonance and celestial connection.

Elixir Crystal Alchemy:

  • Herkimer “Diamond” Quartz Crystal: Light Encoded to amplify your Highest Intention.
  • Reiki Infusion: Energies from two Reiki Masters enhance its transformative power.
  • Orgonite Pyramid Frequencies: Amplify the crystal’s energy for a heightened experience.
  • Crafted with Love: Each bottle is meticulously handcrafted, resonating with high vibrations and positive intentions.

Activate your crystal with your affirmation and lightly spritz it in your aura or space (avoid spraying directly on light-colored clothing or surfaces as it may stain). Avoid contact with your eyes or mouth.

A gentle shake before each use revitalizes its cosmic potency.