ELEVATE PACKAGE – nestled in a beautiful Rose Gold Gift Bag

  • (2) CUSTOM BLENDED gem elixirs in 3 ml crystal perfume bottle (refill from additional 10ml roll on bottle);
  • (2) Custom Blended 2oz aura / space mist.
    • Crystals are personally Light Encoded with Name and Birthdate. Includes a digital certificate of authenticity.
  • (3) 10 oz Crystal Candles (choose from: Sedona, Peace and Pure Love/Cosmic Heart)
  • (1) Ascension Activation Collection (7 chakra set)
  • (4) 2 oz Aura/Space Mist bottles (your choice)
  • (1) Cosmic Contact Gem Elixir in Gift Box
  • (1) Galactic Goddess Gem Elixir in Gift Box
  • (1) Cosmic Heart Activation Gem Elixir in Gift Box
  • (2) 60 minute Zoom Sessions with Barb or Nathalie – choose ONE:
    – HeartMath Coherence or Stress Reduction Session (great for anxiety, panic, worry)
    – Aroma Alchemy Technique (requires 7 day advance notice to allow for product shipment)
    – Intuitive Oracle Deck reading 


  • (1) TEAM LIGHT Etheric Device. Choose from:
    • Giza Bed Set. Featuring the “Dream Machine” Alchemy including a solid layer of Labradorite, Madagascar Amethyst, Madagascar Fire & Ice, Calcite, Rose Quartz, and Sun Stone. Each Pyramid is capped with a copper wrapped Brazilian-cut Quartz Crystal in order to send and amplify energy from the device into the ether. Each Bed Set is Light Encoded and one-of-a-kind, programmed to serve only its user.
    • Manifestation Castle  3rd Eye Accelerator – Blue Azurite is one of the most highly sought after Crystals in the world. It is well known to enhance creativity and inner wisdom as it cleanses and activates the Third Eye Chakra. Azurite can be extremely beneficial helping to clear the mind of negative psychic debris, phobias, anxieties and irrational thought patterns. Balances the electrochemical system of the body.


For all packages, please provide:

Birth Information

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1 review for ELEVATE Package

  1. STAR CODE team – Nat and Barb

    Dr Jean – it’s been an honor to support you over the last few months. We’re so happy that you made time to share your experience. And thank you so much for your referrals…we really appreciate you! Be well.

  2. Dr. Jean T, Rochester, MN

    To say I’m impressed is an understatement. As a keynote speaker and nursing leader, I’ve been seeking ways to combat burnout and depression. The combination of sessions with Barbara and Nathalie was transformative and they guided me in how to use the products to rebuild my motivation and energy after a long health challenge. Would highly recommend.

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