Affirmation Suggestion:
I am open to give and receive
Unconditional Love.

Heart (4th) Chakra: LOVE and ATTRACT

Enter a realm of emotional serenity, compassion, and self-acceptance.
This exquisite blend of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, and Rose essential oils is suspended in organic fractionated coconut oil in a 10ml glass roller bottle.


  • Emotional Harmony and Compassion: Elevate emotional balance, fostering inner peace and profound self-love.
  • Unblocking Emotional Barriers: Support the release of emotional hindrances, encouraging self-acceptance and self-worth.
  • Grief and Healing Support: Aid in easing grief, sadness, heartbreak, or loss, paving the way for a lighter heart.

Elevating the Elixir:

  • Infused with a Herkimer “Diamond” Quartz Crystal, Light Encoded to amplify your Highest Intention.
  • Enhanced by Reiki Energies from two Reiki Masters, heightening its transformative power.
  • Resonating with Orgonite Pyramid Frequencies, elevating the elixir’s energy for a heightened experience.
  • Crafted with Love: Each bottle is handcrafted with elevated vibrations and positive intentions.

Activate this elixir with your affirmation to experience its full potential. Apply to wrists, heart area, soles of feet, spine, or temples. Avoid the eyes and mouth.

Gently shake before each use to awaken and disperse its potent healing molecules.


1 review for Heart (4th) Chakra: LOVE and ATTRACT

  1. STAR CODE team – Barb and Nat

    We’re sorry for your loss Josh. May your heart be filled with beautiful memories of your pet.

  2. Josh, San Diego, CA

    Sad after having to let go of my pet – she was sick for a long time. This really helps.

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